Things I'm missing.

Now, usually I would fill a blog with this title with the combinations of letters that make the words that represent the things back home that I'm yearning to see, do, or be with. But, right now. That's not on the top of my head. Actually, nothing is really on the top of my head.

I seem to be in a downswing in some ways. No matter the event, or the people there, I can't bring myself to be happy about it.

I ate some food, watched some Stewart and Colbert and sat down to an unfinished blog and realized how drastically my mood had changed. Some further realization made me realize that I'd done this all to myself in the name of "my future". Whatever the fuck that means. Though, if there's one thing that I've learned is that the things you want and miss, aren't always the things that you really want. You simply want to want them so bad that it nearly becomes reality.

Up until recently I believed that I only had one love in my life. Dancing. I haven't been dancing lately. I'm depressed. The best dancing comes from the disturbed mind. Perhaps I'll pick up the beat again. Until another time. B.
What's really missing in your life?

What's really missing in your life?

I have swallowed the poison of being me.