I have swallowed the poison of being me.

Mood: Unknown.

I'm catatonically depressed about a possible future-based near-fantasy that I'd been holding. To think of it brought joy to me. Lately, that possibility has been crumbling. However, as depressed as I am, I've learned something.

Just as with every situation that seems hopeless to the point of absurdity before this one, I've come out of it with a greater knowledge of myself, those around me, and the human race as a whole.

I'd first like to apologize for my lack of typing skills, as; for some reason: I have none right now. My word wizardry has simply carried out the window and left me here to suffer alone. Completely incapabable of transferring my disappointment in one person and hatred of another. That's all I'm going to say, as things may change. Though, if there's one thing that I've realized is that the only way to never be disappointed is to have no hope for the future.

Lesson fuckin learned. I'll see everyone in the summer. I cannot wait.

Things I'm missing.

If Brandonbrown could feel,