What have I become?

As I sit here, at 12:16 in the morning on a Friday night, it hits me. As it often does (by it of course I mean ideas). I realize that I have no life right now. Now, some of you are saying, yes Brandonbrown, you have a life. You must, because it's unlikely that a corpse can string together the exact combination of letters and spaces to form speach, or in this case text. And, to you people I say, "Shut the fuck up", you're retarded. What I meant by having no life was not that I'm absent of a "lifeforce" but I seemed to have forced all the living that I'm used to out of my life. For the past couple weeks, since my return from PG, I've noticed that I do nothing here.

Not to say that I sit around the house all day, for I have school, and two jobs. I'm very busy, but I have no life. One true "friend", and that's about it. No love interest in this province. Essentially nothing, but family. Thank god I love my family. We're actually getting along this time. Which is really odd. I've never gotten along with my family my whole life. But, I can't tell whether it's because I've given up my rebelious ways. (which I suppose I have), or they've given up caring. Nevermind, I'd delete what I just said, but I'm too lazy and explaining it in more typing takes up space. This blog is like CNN 24 hour news. Fill it up with speculation and made up wordo's. Fuck George Bush.

READ ME...especially Tess.

The strangest thing happened on Saturday.