The strangest thing happened on Saturday.

All right, here's the setup.

I'm to the point where I have the ability to hear the sound that I'm hearing. I can see it in the fabric of reality, I can feel it coarsing through my viens, moving the very soul of the brandon. I can feel the flow trying desperately to escape. I bust for 30 seconds. And, it's flawless. We're talking, flawless. I've made mention to my "mental clone" before. He had nothing on me. I was dancing without inhibition. A direct medium for my emotion and the music that I heard (which was killer by the way).

But, for some reason I found myself unwilling to dance for more than 30 seconds at a time. There was this guy there that had been dancing for like ten fuckin years that I was better at. He was the "king" of saskatoon and I knew I could school him, but for some reason I was unable to bring myself to show my true talent. I actually intentionally dumbed it down. And he knew, which made it worse. When someone says, "you can dance better than that. You and I both know", and you really do know; something's wrong.

I was trapped in my own mind, and I've figured out why and what I should have done to solve it. This realization came when I met the guy that "dancer X" was chillin with. It was his "dancing buddy" Will is mine, he had his. I can't dance without mine, or one to take his place. Though his gloves will never be filled. So, I didn't have my support staff and I crumpled. It sucked. So, I've begun a search for someone of equal talent that's flying solo.

Oh, and one more thing. Should I lose a friend over the woman I love?

What have I become?

The facts about meth.