Um, Walks on the River, Mathematical religion, and Tripping over nothing.

So, I met some dude. His name is unimportant. I know that's a really strange name, but that's what it is, all right...That's what it is.

Well, we worked together, hung out a bit, and I found out that he's a flailer.

We did a quad and walked up and down and up and down and up and down and over the river. It was rediculously fun. Then, he decided at about 1200 that it was time for him to go home.

So, with nowhere to go, I decided that I'd do the same. Worste idea I've ever had, I laid in my bed for hours, terrified of the things around me that were becoming steadily more realistic. From my inability to think a good thought to my inability to close my eyes for more than 30 seconds, it was terrible.

Then, a few short hours later, and about a wink and a half of sleep, it was time to go to class. Philosophy. It was perfect, and in fact, was one of the only classes of that class that I actually understood. That's all for now.

I was out on a drive, on a bit of a TRIP!

Ontological Argument