Ontological Argument

A being than which none greater can be thought. (Conceived)

In Philosiphy class, I had this explained to me as a proof or argument as to the existence of god. After pondering it for quite some time, I realized that it must be true. And to my great dismay, I began to renounce my athiest ways. For, by definition, a being than which none greater can be though must exist. Because if you imagine this great being, and imagine that it does not exist, there is a being that must be greater. Imagine the same being but imagine it existing, that being would be greater than the original being, therefore the original being was NOT a being than which none greater can be thought...Because I just thought of one.

Then, I pondered this a little more and thought that the greatest thing that this being could do was reveal itself to me. And, by this argument's own argument, I disproved it that simply. Because, if only to me, I thought that a being with all these great characteristics that revealed itself to me would be greater, and since this being has not physically revealed itself to me, I must conclude this argument incomplete. Also, universal belief in this being would be pretty great, and I think this being would have to have the belief of all thinking creatures for it to be a being than which none greater can be thought.

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