Humans are awareness points.  Nothing more.  Love it.

Humans are awareness points. Nothing more. Love it.

Sanity is a cozy lie. Susan Sontag.

I am beginning to believe that the things that I do. My so called day to day activities. The dancing, the legally and morally questionable activities that I partake in, the funventurous adventures that I help to initiate. All these things that I do. They will be measured as inconsequential when my life is reviewed by whomever is interested enough to do so. The fact remains however, that all though appears to be a response to externally occuring stimuli.

It seems to me at times that I stumble on things. A man walking in the forest in the dark is likely to find something that he's never experienced before.


As a concept, it is a way of understanding events. I reality that we live in; that I live in, appears to me to be continuous. What I mean by this is that there seems to be an endless, uninterrupted flow of stimuli which my mindbrain interprets as visual, auditory and tactile sensation. Through the interpretation of information provided by my sense organs, I am provided with what i am compelled to believe is an accurate view of that matter of reality which exists on the opposite side of the skin which I refer to as mine.

Never, under sober conditions, have I experienced even a temporary lapse in my perception of reality. If my recollection of past perception is accurate, and I have percieved no lapse in the continuity of reality, there are several possibilities.

There first is that my perception and memory are correct. As presented, what we often refer to as reality exists as a continuity7. A constantly changing, yet persistent paradigm. That is, reality exists, in an uninterrupted, continuous flow of what I percieve to be matter.

Option two. Reality exists in a state other than an uninterrupted chain of moments which may or may not be causally related. In this case, my perception of reality is not consistent with those aspects of reality not directly referred to as the perciever. In this thought, my mind has created the appearance of continuity.

The other option is that my recollection of events is incomplete or innaccurate and I have indeed experienced lapses in the continuous flow of reality.

I exist.

'I' is a construct. It includes the idea that somehow the self, or more specifically, the go (ego) is in some way separate from reality.

First. The ego is separate from the universe, and that which the person refers to as I would continue to exist in the absence of all that not considered I.

Or. It wouldn't.

The perception that the brain interprets from information provided by the sense organs relating to the environment as a whole exists, is permeated by, influences and is influenced by time. All of the perciever/creator/spaciotemporal eventa qua matter that the brain experiences takes space in what is referred to as the present. An immeasurable time which exists between what has already happened and those things which have not yet come to be.

What is commonly referred to as the past, those events that have been percieved and are said to have happened and those events termed to be in the future exist in the present only as potentialities.

As far as the human being, existing in time-space is concerned, the past no longer exists, but did, and the future has never existed, but will.

The border of all that which has happened and that which could happen is where that which appears to exist does so.

I have a question, readers. Is there a framerate to reality? A monad of time, that, if interpreted with the right interpretive method, would allow us to see the solid reality skipping along our perception like a stone over water.


I don't remember what this was titled.  Gets heavy though.

I don't remember what this was titled. Gets heavy though.