Poems From Shambhala

Poems From Shambhala

I'm not as crazy as I appear. I can't believe I wrote that.

While in line, shortly after a ripper of a terrible drug:

passing parts of me
through my gaping mouth
i realize the errors of myselves
also truths
free am I

In the tent at the end of the Wednesday? Thursday? I don't know. The first night anyway.

paranoia my old friend
well, welcome
fear is something
everything is nothing

After I'd come down from the unspeakable drug that I wish I never tried, and am glad I did. This is one of my favorites. Hopeful in a way.

dark at camp
a time to reflect
reaching forward, looking back
through the glass I see myself
not myself
another me
Back again
hear the cries

I'm just gonna put my favorites down

walking down the darkened path
I had a lot to say
too fuckin tired
hittin the hay
tomorrow's a new day, hooray!

in scribbled handwriting
ketamine rants
world aspin
darkness comes

A man walks by in a green top
among the tents, I'm no one
we are the same
I walk past a man in a tent

To live without food
to dream without sleep

we don't wanna frolic
we just want to enjoy the earth

expand your mind
and your legs

greg, in reference to... nevermind
if you dipped your dick in hard glue
stuck glass to it
then fucked your nose with it
that's how snorting a green sweet tart would feel
you'd be fucked up

Brandon is...

Brandon is...

He sits down once again

He sits down once again