Had a pretty awesomeful (hard trance) dream last night.

Here I was eh, on this train that was transporting this extremely dangerous and powerful toxic weapon, when...obviously, as one would be, we were ambushed by jewish terrorists. The group that was responsible for the attacks of september 11th and the the battle that the movies 300 and grindhouse were based on.

Our only option was too unleash this terrifying weapon onto these poor, cruel, jewish souls.

Being in charge, the task of issuing this order fell directly on my shoulders.

"Do it." I ordered.

"But sir, do you know what will happen?" Said...some small, soon to die fool.

"Of course I do, I designed this weapon, but once those terrifying effects wear off, they'll be dead, and we'll be safe," I incorrectly stated.

One of the effects of this weapon was that, for a short time, all those infected became insanely strong and almost "zombie-like" before they died. In the lab, when they died, we simply put them into barrels and burried them in the ground.

We set off the attack. Green (obviously) clouds of doom spread around everywhere. Our gas masks saved us....for now.

The enemy twitched and threw themselves around the hillside and off the bridge that we were on. They all fell....We were safe....

Then came the shots....and the screams...

I was right in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo....or, moreover, a zombie movie....and I was untouchable...Jumping from one side of the train to the other, with an AR47 gas powered, semi-automatic weapon pumping round after round into the terrorist zombie scum.

Needless to say, I awoke with an erection.

Back in Black

Back in Black

Must Post Posts...Before it's too Late.

Must Post Posts...Before it's too Late.