All I want for Christmas.

I seem to have these flurries of fabulous funk that feel fantastic in regards to my rigorous routine of writing words in this area. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't. When I do, I do; and when I don't: I really don't. Odd, non? However I am BrandonBrown, which should be explanation enough for those foolish enough to be seeking it. I would highly recommend not doing so.

I have several odd traditions that circle around the holiday that may be known as Christmas to those who believe in christ and known as xmas to those that don't. (As a side note; I'd like Christmas to be called bysomeonesomeshittheydon'tneed day. I hate christmas. Stop buying all that pointless shit.)

One of these traditions is for someone I care about to let me down. For me to find out something horrible. Basically, every strong memory I have of this supposed "holy day" has been regarding someone deceiving me in the worste way possible. From the myth of Santa Claus when I was a boy, to empty boxes, to hits in the face, to falling in traps. All leading up to my father last year. I just wonder what kind of post-traumatic stress I'm going to have to deal with January 2007.

So, if you have anything of importance to tell me. Something you may have been hiding from me of importance. Something that you may have felt, said or did that led me to believe something that wasn't true. Save it until the new year, because this year's fucking full.

Merry fuckin Christmas.


The man in black fled across the desert.