I miss...

I miss my friends, first and foremost, they're my chosen family. I love you all.

I miss being able to say what I wanted when I wanted, with the only one consequence: someone else saying what they wanted about what I'd just said.

I miss being able to walk into someone's house without knocking. Sometimes this had some interesting consequences, but I miss it none the less.

I miss knowing where people would be at certain times of certain days. At about 4:15 everyday, everyone in the cote' residence would be down in the garage. Between 11am and about 6pm on sunny days, the people could be found at Fort George, not Connaught, fuckin connaught. There are no parks here.

I miss knowing what's going on. Like, what the fuck's going on here tonight? I don't know.

I miss being able to walk wherever I wanted to go. It actually takes longer to drive some places here than to walk to most in the P dot.

I miss people that know how to fucking party.

I miss my favorite families in the world.

I miss me in PG.

My spare time

Where have my thoughts gone?