As per the Roses request.

There are some things that most people should never ignore. The need to urinate and/or fecate, a desire to eat and drink and a request from anyone with the last name Rose.

There's a reason that I don't have any posts in here, mostly because I haven't been home much. I'm literally home just enough that I may wash my nazi military uniform so that I may go to war with a clean one every day. Fortunately, however, I have been sleeping. I've found a cure for insomnia. Christie.

Since no one wants to hear me drone on and on about some woman from work that I'm currently infatuated with, I'll go through a typical day instead.

I roll out of bed at about 1pm every day. Don't be fooled, this isn't laziness that you are "witnessing", it's necessity as you are soon about to find out. All right, I roll out of bed, get up and watch "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report"which I have automatically recorded on TiVo and enjoy a cup of coffee from my french press. (which I am doing right now).

When I hear the buzzer from the washer go off, I shuffle over (I save all my strutting for work) and switch the laundry and go back to the computer or my lovely TiVo. After sitting there for a full dryer cycle, it's time to get ready for work, which takes a little bit less time every day.

I pack my Tool backpack with everything that I'm going to need for the day. A change of clothes for after work, smokes, a lighter, 200 dollars cash, my cell phone and "the cell" by Steven King, just to remind myself how easy it is for the entire world to all die at once.

Then, I simply drive to work.

Once at work I wait tables. And, who'd have thought; I'm very, very good at waiting tables. It's like my sense of humor, rediculous sales skills and animal magnetism all work to my advantage in this setting instead of against me as in other labour-based professions.

So, while rakin in on average of a hundred bucks a night in tips, one would wonder what I do with it all. Well, most wouldn't wonder, but I just said that ONE would wonder what I'd do with it all. He or she can keep wondering.

I go out.

Every night after work. For the most part, and get some hookers and blow. Just kidding. Seriously though, we usually just either sit in the moxie's lounge and have some beverages, or go to one of the other many lounges in and around Saskatoon. From there, we've been known to go to the hotel rooms where the moxie's trainers are staying and party there until the mid-range hours of the morning.

6am is my average home time, so you can see why I sleep in so late. It's because I've inverted my sleeping patterns. I love it, and Tess, you would too. I only see the sun for about an hour every day.

3 days

I can't sleep