Letter To Talis While Stoned at 1230 Named Like a Random Painting


Haven't talked to tal in a while, heard she went to Whistler or something. No more ... um, fourth person I think that was. How the hell's Whistler, I think that's where you are. Oh, HEY...HI.... Email me back though, I love getting emails....Like regular letters in the mail, only faster and less personal...I wish I could handwrite email, and like draw pictures and stuff, that'd be great. I got a new job, cause my last one wouldn't let me work while going to school, so I serve at moxies. I bought a new car also, and just realized that I love making really drastic changes to my life in a short period of time. Know what else? I saw the northern lights tonight, and I"m stoned and went swimming earlier. I had hamburgers for dinner and swimming was fun. That might be the most random thing I've ever said. Bye.

Missin pepe's is:

P.S. Haha, pepe's


The northern lights.