Snakeman became a self aware dancer in 2004. At the back of a rave near the garbage can, he looked up from his white-glove cladden hands and realized something as he gazed across the sea of flailing ravers. His obsession with dance has blossomed into a career, a way to relieve stress during exams and an outlet for otherwise inexpressible emotions and urges. A psychology student, the Snakeman's classes are infused with confidence-boosting life affirming skills and experiences. An unmatched zeal for life and a massive stage presence set this performer apart. Snakeman has opened for the Funk Hunters as a DJ and performed with Deekline, breaks wizard, as a dancer. Also, Shambhala, Motion Notion, Astral Harvest, Elysium and Phantasm have all been lucky enough to have the Snakeman perform.

Hire the Snakeman for private lessons or to play some dope music and find out when he's next teaching or performing by contacting helicon studios here.


Private Lessons: $50/Hour or $120/3 Classes

Group Lessons: Varies based on group size and studio preference

DJ Performance: $400 (Local with gear) 4 Hour Set

Consult: First Appointment, free. Sliding scale therapies.


I believe that movement is a sincere communication and when a person is able to effectively communicate their internal experience for which there are no words, one grows. Where I was once addicted to drugs, I am now addicted to movement, I need it to sustain life. I recently earned my B.A. in psychology and am about to begin my work with people who are addicted to drugs (mostly heroin and alcohol in this city). Addiction is my passion and I realize that we are all addicted to something. Some of us are addicted to control (or a lack of it), a certain feeling (helplessness, victimhood), a relationship, sex, walking, sunshine. The list of possible addictions is nearly as long as the list of individual people on the planet. Some people seem to be more susceptible to the grip of addiction and these are the people who literally need something healthy to become addicted to. Dance is a passtime with no skill ceiling. Whether a monthly raver who flails to hard house or a studio ballerina who only dances those classic movements, there is no limit to the depths which a person can dive into the world of dance. But, what would dance be with no movement? Energy without structure. Music provides the canvas onto which we can paint our souls. 


I also work with the elderly. People who suffer and occasionally enjoy their dementia.  This has been a challenging and rewarding career and these forgotten people have more to teach than many of us will ever know. At the least, they show us that our aches, pains and woes are insignificant when we (maybe wrongly) compare ourselves with people who live in a state of perpetual confusion and pain but smile and sing regardless. I have noticed at the old folks home that music and movement are magic; a magic that lifts the spirit and sets it free from the bodily chains that keep us on this three dimensional block.


I read Jung, science fiction, freud(s) and am just the tiniest bit uncomfortable with my obsession with people. I am working at decoding people's movements and incorporating the understood language of human movement into the helicon studios pieces and classes. If we meet a person who literally needs to feel a rage that they're ignoring, there are movements which will "unlock" this aspect of a person's inner experience, bringing it into the light of another's consciousness and through this, their own. Okay, replace slightly obsessed with fully obsessed. Leaving the house and dealing with other people is a challenge, as I'm constantly trying to figure out what the appropriate response to people's stance, gesticulation, tone, placement and chosen clothes is or are. I find this process sometimes tiring, sometimes inspiring, but always interesting. I fully believe that there are aspects of our inner life which are closed off to our conscious awareness and that the more amicable of a relationship we can have with our shadow, unconscious self, the more easily we can move towards a state of individuation; of full development. People are a paradox, we are all full, complete human beings and at the same time, becoming, meaning that we are incomplete. I find this fascinating, that we are both one thing and it's opposite. The theological "scholars" of the modern age will have you believe that you are not something and its opposite simultaneously. I have news for you, you are. You are a paradox; a beautiful and confusing, conundrum of a water suit which somehow taps into the consciousness. An antenna for feeling. The dance floor is where we vibrate together, weaving a tapestry of shared experience. This is group therapy in the highest sense. Instead of talking to a depressed, lonely person about how they are really a part of something larger and that those around them are experiencing a similar thing to them, one literally sees, feels and takes part in the shared experience of the dance floor. If I was a better poet, I'd write volumes. Unfortunately, it still wouldn't capture it. Maybe some day we'll see you on a Helicon Studios dance floor and we can both simultaneously see what we each mean.