Sex in the Stars

Sex in the Stars

Sex in the Stars this Summer


I deeply believe in the power of Eros (sexual energy) to heal the ruptures in our relationships. It takes time, patience, and a sincere heart to reap the grace, beauty, and healing of the Goddess. 

This Mars retrograde season, I've heard numerous stories of relationship dissolution, but know that wherever you are at romantically or sexually, you can access Eros (kinda like what I've called the pulse). 

Ground your feet, stomp on the ground or massage your feet by walking on dewy grass. Sense that you can breathe with your feet plus your mouth. Breathe life up through the ground, into your feet, up your legs, and into your pelvis. 

When you can feel this, start collecting some energy in your pelvis by dancing around, moving your hips, then breathe Her up into your heart. Trust that with breath and presence, you are connecting to the very guts that make life possible.

Our sexuality is a powerful current of evolution and there are many ways that our fears and cultural condition inhibit its natural flow. When you surrender to a sexual encounter by paying attention, breathing deeply into your body, and praying for the Goddess to join you, you easily benefit from the potent flow of Eros.

During the summer season, two aspects of our feminine nature (no matter what gender you are) are symbolically meeting in the sky. Juno, asteroid of devotion and marriage, and Lilith, a point on the lunar orbit that represents the wild, instinctual feminine, are meeting up in the murky, pressurized waters of transformative Scorpio, giving us a clue as to how to embody and celebrate the numerous aspects of the rising Goddess at this time.

Juno energy wishes to merge and perfectly relate to another, embodying divine love through the union of sexual and romantic partnership. Lilith is wild, free, and magickal, the totally untameable aspect of intelligent nature. 

How can we work with these two very different energies together?

Juno will sacrifice her own needs to stay in a relationship. Lilith will become filled with rage and leave whenever she feels thwarted. Juno will alchemize sexual union into a deep merging with the divine mystery. Lilith's uninhibited wildness will raise Eros, stimulating individual awakening and burning through pain, grief, and fear. Juno was pained through experiencing adultery in her relationship and Lilith is the tempting other woman.

So this summer, we are called to explore the polarity between staying and leaving, bonding and separating, merging and awakening, directly expressing needs & desires versus coming at what we want sideways.

When conversations get difficult in your relationships, do you leave in a huff?

Do you repress your own voice and needs in order to keep the peace but then act out manipulatively later?

The meeting of Juno and Lilith in Scorpio can help us reveal which parts of ourselves we are angrily hiding in intimate relationships. We can more deeply appreciate our vastness - we are able to be both devoted, loving partners and fierce fighters. Honestly examine where your 'perfect partner' role is stifling as well as where you cling too stubbornly to self-gratifying emotions like rage and righteousness. 

Our hearts, enlivened by the mystery of movement and life, have enough space to allow a dance of Lilith & Juno within them. It's time to erase the distorted expression of doting wife and heartless temptress and experience the fullness of both Lilith's and Juno's deepest desires.

Lilith-Juno in Scorpio disrupts our ability to identify as the partner in order to fear the 'other' as well as our inclination to be totally consumed by our intense emotions.

If you are more comfortable with Juno, courageously call in the evolutionary prowess of Lilith.

If you relate more to Lilith, breathe deeply into your heart, surrender to softness, and recognize the power of vulnerability.

This summer, we are gifted with this potently sexy combination of energies andmy wish for you is that you experience the vast riches of embodying both loving partner and wild instinct. Lilith-Juno teaches us that we have many tools to create deep bonding and deep satisfaction in both our individual and our partnered lives.

Juno is the lady on the streets, 
Lilith is the freak in the sheets
and inside everyone,
they coexist!

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