Helicon Studios is a bunch of people who love music, dance, people, astrology, evolution, medicine, the occult, psychology and psychedelics. We consist of a post-grad sex and evolution researcher, a graduate psychology and psychedelic researcher who practices clandestine psychedelic, entheogen healing therapy, and a med school graduate musician extraordinaire.


Our in-house authors:



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A Brief History

We are a group of friends who all love music, dance and people. Well, we mostly love people but we do our best to always tolerate them. Every once in awhile, we throw a party for everyone and once a year, we throw a fundraising event called the psychedelic circus.

Our crew consists of a producer/DJ, a DJ/Dancer, a sensual dancer and a poet. We are often collaborating with other people and our events are classy, funky and the tiniest bit trashy, just like us. The experiences we offer are potentially profound, always adventurous and occasionally the tiniest bit dangerous. Camping adventures, medicine journeys, clandestine research - all under the rule of the law of the land.